Conversations for a Better World™ is a vehicle for broadcasting uplifting, informative and inspirational conversations for the sole intent of making our world a better place.

Hi, I'm Robyn Walker, and welcome to ‘Conversations for a Better World™’, a vehicle for broadcasting uplifting, informative and inspirational conversations for the sole intent of making our world a better place.

The conversations in these filming's are with passionate and caring people who are genuinely making a profound difference in assisting us to recognise that we are all connected and that what we do individually – impacts on others collectively.

It is also about acknowledging we all have value, and therefore we all deserve to be heard and supported in being an integral part of the whole species.

What these guests have to share will assist us all to become more conscious in creating opportunities, every day, to be living examples and role models, for peace and harmony on this planet. As Gandhi said ‘be the change you wish to see in the world’.

We are all works in progress so let’s face it...we may not always get it right.

What unites us though is the intent in choosing to create this outcome...in being willing to have the sometimes difficult, sometimes sad, sometimes funny, always illuminating conversations and being willing to talk from the heart....for this is what conversations for a better world is all about. From that point we can, together, discover and implement solutions which at one stage may have seemed insurmountable and impossible.

We are highly intelligent and compassionate beings and each and every one of us has a passion...a purpose in being here!

What drives me is the curiosity to discover the commonality that connects us all, as a human species...that which resonates for us all....that which makes our lives more enriched and productive.

Yes we have differences and often it seems so many differences...... in beliefs, thoughts, culture, to name a few...and yet we also have a commonality that is inspiring and it is this commonality that connects us, regardless of our circumstances or where we live in the world.

How do I see the episodes?

All episodes will be loaded to YouTube initially, with the intent of attracting mainstream TV interest globally, which in turn will generate funds for further filming's.

How are these filming's being funded in the early stages?

Those guests, who can afford to pay for their filming, will be asked to contribute. For those guests who, for whatever the reason are unable to financially contribute at the time, and whose stories, products and services are integral in creating a better world...will be funded by contributors and sponsors who really get what this program is about.

It will be these amazing contributors and sponsors, who have both the funds and the passion to be part of the vision, the energy, the focus...that will be the financial driving force in this show being supported – at least in the formative stages.

So if you can contribute to assist in funding these filming's,  would love you to access the 'Donate' button on the right. And if you know of stories, of conversations that would also assist to uplift and contribute in making it a better world for us all...please contact me.

Happy viewing!

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